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Boiler Problems? 10 of the Most Common Repairs Requested in Lynnfield

Boiler Problems? 10 of the Most Common Repairs Requested in

Problems with your Lynnfield heating system, such as your boiler or furnace, aren’t something you want to repair too late when you’re facing a New England winter in Lynnfield. The repair team at 128 Plumbing understands how important the heating source is in your Lynnfield residence, and we’re here to keep your boiler or furnace in top repair and heating properly. Browse through this list of 10 common Lynnfield boiler and heating repair requests to learn about issues that affect the way Lynnfield boilers function.

1. Boiler Expansion Tank Repair

On a boiler-style furnace in Lynnfield, the heating expansion tank keeps the boiler in your Lynnfield house from building up too much pressure. It’s an important part of a boiler heating unit to repair quickly because too much pressure can cause a lot of other heating problems leading to the need for repairs in Lynnfield home boilers.

On older Lynnfield boilers, the heating expansion tank membrane may require repair. A broken membrane in the heating expansion tank of this type of heating source puts the pressure on the walls of the tank, which may cause the boiler tank to rupture and stop heating, so Lynnfield residents should seek repair as quickly as possible. Repairing and replacing a boiler heating tank in your Lynnfield boiler heating system is a job for heating repair professionals.

2. Dropping Water Level in the Heating Unit

Boilers are typically set to maintain the water level at half full. If the water in the heating source of your Lynnfield home is lower than half, boiler repair may be focused on evaluating and replacing the automatic filling components of the heating system. The repair pros from 128 Plumbing will diagnose the problem, and then handle the repairs required to adjust and repair the water level of your Lynnfield boiler heating unit.

3. Banging Noises From Boiler Kettling

One of the first signs of kettling in a boiler heating unit is a rumbling or banging noise. When you hear this type of sound coming from your Lynnfield heating system, it’s time to bring in a repair pro that works on boilers right away because it’s potentially serious. Plus, if you don’t repair it, it may cause more damage to your Lynnfield heating system.

Kettling is a sign that too much pressure has built up in your boiler heating system, and it’s typically caused by the presence of minerals in the Lynnfield water supply. The deposits of minerals in the heating tank and pipes increase the pressure levels in the heating unit. The excess pressure from the mineral deposits makes the boiler bang or rumble when heating homes in Lynnfield, and that’s when the heating unit is likely to burst and require repair. Schedule repair for this type of heating issue in your Lynnfield house as quickly as possible.

4. Condensate Pipe Is Frozen

In a condensate heating system, the condensate pipe carries dirty water away from the core elements of the boiler. Because the condensate pipe runs to a drain outside your Lynnfield home, it may freeze during the extreme cold of the New England winter months and need repair service. When the condensate pipe freezes, your Lynnfield house’s first indicator may be a warning notice or fault code displayed by your heating unit.

5. Pilot Light Not Lit

Natural gas and propane boilers have an integrated pilot light. If the heating source in your Lynnfield residence isn’t working and needs repair, the pilot light may be the cause.

On older heating units, Lynnfield homeowners often left the pilot light on around the clock so that heat would always be available. On newer heating units, an electronic igniter turns the pilot light on when it’s needed. Either way, when the pilot light goes out and you need a pro to light it and diagnose repair needs, 128 Plumbing is ready to repair your Lynnfield residence’s heating system.

6. Built-Up Sediment in Your Lynnfield Heating Unit

Sediment may build up in your Lynnfield boiler heating unit. When this happens, boiler repair is needed to fix leaks in pipes and to flush the boiler system to restore its heating capacity. If this boiler furnace repair in Lynnfield isn’t done before the sediment build-up becomes too thick, it may be necessary for your Lynnfield boiler repair technician to replace numerous parts.

7. Heating Assembly Leaks That Need Repairing

When any of the individual heating components in a Lynnfield boiler become corroded or broken, the pros from 128 Plumbing in the Lynnfield area are available to restore heating to your residence in Lynnfield. This Lynnfield-area boiler repair may involve repairing or replacing the pressure release valve or seals inside the heating assembly.

8. Circulator Pump Not Working

The heating circulator pump moves the heated water through the boiler and pipes in Lynnfield residences. The heat then radiates from the pipes into each room of your Lynnfield residence. If your circulator pump needs repair, 128 Plumbing pros can help.

9. Thermostat Malfunctioning in Lynnfield

When the thermostat in your Lynnfield residence stops working, it doesn’t send the signal to the boiler to begin heating. Your Lynnfield boiler repair technician may recommend you replace or repair it, based on the specific issue with this heating component.

10. Radiators Require Balancing for Even Heating

In Lynnfield homes that have radiators, which are the parts of boiler heating units in the rooms that send heating outward, the pipes that run through the furnace radiators may become clogged. Your Lynnfield boiler repair technician may recommend a procedure such as balancing to repair the heating to your Lynnfield residence.

The best time to fix the heating in your Lynnfield home is as soon as there are signs of trouble with your Lynnfield boiler or furnace. Also, an annual furnace inspection and repairs are advised to keep the furnace or boiler in your Lynnfield home in top condition. Contact 128 Plumbing today to schedule repair or evaluation of your Lynnfield home boiler heating system or another style of a furnace. Boiler repair and furnace repair are among our most popular winter heating repair services for homes in the Lynnfield area.


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