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Detect Leaky Pipes in Andover

Detect Leaky Pipes in AndoverIf you have leaky pipes in your Andover, MA, home or business, let us help you uncover hidden plumbing problems so that you can get them repaired quickly. Some detection techniques require a plumber, but others you can perform yourself.

128 Plumbing technicians use high-tech gadgets and years of experience to track down problems with underground pipes and above-ground ducts and pipes for our Andover clients. Here are some of the methods we use.

Video Camera Inspection of Your Plumbing

When 128 Plumbing does a video camera pipe inspection in Andover, MA, we can pinpoint the exact locations of broken and leaky pipes. The equipment used includes a flexible fiber-optic wire with a video camera on its end. This high-resolution device also has sensors. The video images are saved so you can request a copy from your Andover home.

We use the video camera to find damaged pipes, misaligned pipes, clogged pipes, deteriorated pipes, root invasion, and any other problems.

Pressure Testing; Plumbing and Pipes

A leak in the plumbing typically modifies the pressure readings of a pipe. If the plumbing has a pipe with a leak, pressure decreases. We can test the pressure throughout your Andover home to find leaks.

Water Bill Spikes in Andover

If you have leaky plumbing in Andover, expect the water bill to spike. Usually, this is the first indication of leaking underground pipes. The spike occurs quickly from one month to the next for large leaks. However, a minor plumbing issue might cause only small changes in your water or sewer bill. A leaky pipe that gets worse will cause a continually rising bill despite consistent usage in Andover.

Leaky Appliances in Andover Plumbing

Some Andover bill spikes come from a leaking pipe, but others can come from a leaky appliance such as a toilet. To find out if your toilet is leaking, add food coloring to the tank and wait for 10 minutes. If you see food coloring in the bowl, the toilet is leaking. For water-based appliances and faucets, look for dripping water around the connected pipes or the appliance in your Andover home.

Pools of Water or Damp Carpet

Leaking pipes and other plumbing issues in your Andover home often cause damp carpet, pools of water, or warped floorboards. If the pipes are under concrete, the water may build up under your foundation. Other indications of plumbing issues include dampness and water pooling. Some of the water may escape and pool on the floor or in your yard. If you have carpeting, look for darker spots that are damp or wet. On wood panel floors, leaking pipes typically cause noticeable warping.

Check Your Andover Plumbing Fixtures

When looking for plumbing issues in your Andover home or business location, note whether your water fixtures seem less powerful. Your plumbing needs high water pressure to deliver a steady stream to bathtubs, sinks, and showers. If any of these appliances become less powerful, a leaking pipe could be the culprit.

To check your appliances, shut off all the water-based appliances in your Andover home, then test the stream at a single faucet.

Foundation Cracks in Your Andover Home

If your Andover home has a foundation crack, there could be a plumbing issue in the pipes under your home’s concrete slab, involving either the freshwater or sewer pipes. When any of these pipes leak, water finds its way to the surface and may cause cracks or warping. Common signs of sewer leaks in Andover plumbing include:

  • Bowed, twisted, or separated walls
  • Cracks in your brick, floor, tiles, or moldings
  • Uneven floors
  • Doors or windows that won’t close

Drain Leaks in Andover Homes

Drain plumbing leaks let water seep out of the drain where it’s connected to your shower or tub. These plumbing issues are common in fiberglass and plastic tubs or shower pans. These materials are flexible, so standing on them can break the seal of your drain plumbing in Andover. When they occur on the second floor of your Andover home or business, these leaks may eventually damage the ceiling below.

Signs of drain plumbing trouble in Andover:

  • Water stains on joists or ceiling under the plumbing
  • Loose flooring near the plumbing for your tub or damp floors adjacent to the plumbing in your Andover home

Try these steps to find the source of the plumbing problem in your Andover residence or commercial location.

  • If you can view the drain via an access panel or ceiling opening in your Andover home, put some water in the tub, and then drain it.
  • For shower plumbing, plug the drain using a rag and then drain it. Then check the plumbing, especially the drains and traps, to see if there’s a plumbing leak, using the access panel if necessary.

Contact an Experienced Plumber in Andover

If you aren’t sure whether you have a plumbing issue in your Andover home or business, it may be time to call in the professionals. Contact the experienced team at 128 Plumbing to schedule an appointment or ask questions. We are happy to serve our clients in Andover, MA.

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