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Discover Different Types of Home Heating Systems and Learn Which One Is Best for You

 There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to home heat systems, but not every type is right for your house, your budget, or your efficiency needs. Having the correct type of system ensures consistent heating and comfort. Check out the following heating systems.

Forced Air Furnace

In many areas of Middlesex County and the Eastern MA region, forced air furnaces are the most common type of heating system. Furnaces use propane, oil, natural gas, or electricity to warm the air, which is blown into the ducts and distributed throughout the home. This type of heating system works well because it uses the same ductwork that your air conditioner uses during the warmer months.


Another common type of heating system in our area is a boiler, also known as a radiator distribution system. This type of system works by sending hot water or steam through the pipes that run throughout the home. This type of heating works well for those who want to control heating zones, cooling or heating air to various levels in different areas of the home. This type of heat system may be more expensive and less efficient than some others. Still, like furnaces, this type of heating works as a central heat system that generates heat in one area of the home and distributes it throughout the rest of the house.

Heat Pump

This type of heating system is used to both heat and cool the house. Most of these types of heating systems use electricity to transfer the generated heat. This is different from gas types of heating systems, which create the heat directly. The heat pump type of heating system is highly efficient, which is why many people elect to use this type of heating solution for their home. In our area of Massachusetts, this type of heating system is not ideal. It works best in more moderate climates where the temperatures don’t drop below freezing often. Still, heat pumps are a popular type of heating system in other regions of the United States.

Hybrid Heating Types

When it comes to home heat systems, one of the best types of heating for homes is hybrid heating, which combines heat pumps and furnaces. This type of home heating system is more energy-efficient than a traditional heat pump, but it has the power to heat the home much like a gas furnace heat system.

In most cases, with this type of system, the heat pump generally heats and cools the home as a first resort, then this type of system switches to a gas furnace for heating when there are extreme changes in temperature and the heat pump can’t keep up. These systems work to heat the home in a way that lessens the strain on either of the heat systems, which may reduce the need for heat system repair or heat system replacement. For home heating in Eastern Massachusetts, this type of heating system can work well.

Ductless Mini-Splits

When it comes to heating systems, the ductless mini-split is one type that many people don’t know much about. But this type of heating system needs to be considered for its benefits. In this type of heating system, the heat for each area of the home is managed separately, requiring a separate thermostat in each space to control the heat.

These home heating systems can be ideal for large homes. When considering ductless mini-splits for your home’s heating system, be sure the heating solution is well programmed and managed consistently. This home system type is also ideal for additions to the house where there is no ductwork in place. This type of heating system can be added to existing heat systems as well. The highly skilled technicians at 128 Plumbing can help you determine if this heating type is right for your home’s heating system or if another solution for heating homes would be more efficient.

Radiant Heating Systems

Another of the popular heat systems is radiant heating. In these heating systems, hot water is sent through special tubes in the floor of the home, or, occasionally, these systems have tubes in the walls and ceiling of the house. Sometimes, instead of hot water for heating the home, electric heat is used. The heating systems generate the heat they need using gas, oil, electricity, or propane, depending on the types of fuel available in the homes.

These types of heating systems have several benefits. Though they are expensive heat systems to repair, they tend to last a long time. The heat source plays a role in lifespan. These types of systems can be very effective at heating the home evenly. Home heating systems like this can be versatile enough for heating a home in the Greater Boston Area, but radiant heating systems are less common than other heating system types.

Baseboard Heater Systems

Another type of heating for homes is baseboard heater systems. This type of home heating system is generally not the primary type of heating in a home, but it’s often used as a type of additional heating. This type of home heating solution can also be ideal for an addition where another type of heating is present in the other portion of the home. Baseboard heater systems are effective, and these types of systems can also be very efficient. These types of heating systems are also more common in older homes in Eastern Massachusetts. Baseboard heating systems work on electric or hydronic power, and these types of systems produce enough heat to warm a room. This type of heating for homes isn’t ideal for large areas of the home.

How to Choose Which Type of Heat Systems Are Right for Your Home

Having the right heat systems is essential to keeping your home comfortable, but with a wide range of types of home heating systems available, it can be hard to know which type is best for your property. It’s best to choose heat systems designed to fit with your home based on the builder’s plans. You can change or add on to heating systems later if your needs change. However, most heating systems are easier to replace with the same type already in place rather than switching it out for a new type.

To choose the heating systems for your type of home, consider the current heat systems in place. Then, consider systems for heat that meet other goals you have for your home’s heating needs. For example, newer systems for heating a home can be very energy-efficient. Learn how efficient any heating systems are before you choose that type for your home. You can find out about heat systems and their heat efficiency from the manufacturer or from the professionals at 128 Plumbing, who have vast product expertise. The various types of heating systems available today can help to lower the heating costs in your home, depending on the type of heat system you choose.

Aside from the type of heating efficiency the heating system can offer, the type of heating system you choose should also focus on the quality of the heat itself. The type of fuel used in the heating system plays a role in how comfortable the home feels. For example, when the type of heating is gas, the amount of heat produced is higher and hotter. This type of heating, then, can heat a home faster than another type of heating system. For some, the type of fuel they must use comes down to the type of fuel available at the property. If the type of heating system you desire requires fuel not readily available in your Massachusetts neighborhood, it may not be the right type of heating system for you. The cost of adding that type of fuel may be too high to warrant that type of heating.

Let Our Heating Team Help You

When it comes to heating your home, always seek out a trusted professional to help you choose a new type of heating system and to maintain and repair the heating system you currently have to keep it working at its best.

At 128 Plumbing, we provide a wide range of heating systems for you to choose from for heating your home. Let our team help you compare the type of heating systems available to determine which type is best suited for your unique needs. Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss the types of heat systems we offer and to find the right type for your home.

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