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Why Work at 128 Plumbing?

Why Work at 128 Plumbing?

HVAC careers are booming, and employees of 128 Plumbing in Lexington enjoy unique opportunities to improve the lives of each customer through furnace installation, furnace repair, and furnace replacement. When a Lexington customer calls in with a furnace repair, replacement, or installation need or a plumbing or electrical problem, our specially trained technicians are ready to correct the comfort issues that plague Lexington homeowners.

Never a Boring Day for Our Furnace Installation Teams

As they travel between customers’ homes throughout the Lexington area, our furnace service, repair, and installation technicians will experience a diverse work environment with ever-changing duties. You never know where the day’s calls will take you. While we deal primarily with furnaces, including replacement and installation, 128 Plumbing employees in Lexington handle other duties too.

We offer plumbing solutions for our Lexington clients, and our technicians work on air conditioning systems, electrical systems, and drains, providing new installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our clients’ comfort is of top concern, and all our Lexington employees work toward meeting that goal.

Teamwork Is a Priority for Our Installation, Repair, and Replacement Crews

The Lexington employees of 128 Plumbing, including our furnace repair, installation, and replacement crew, are all one big team. Our furnace repair and installation technicians work closely with our electricians. Our plumbers work hand-in-hand with our drain repair technicians. The goal is for every repair, replacement, or installation project to go smoothly.

Working with a dispatcher and project manager, our installation technicians have plenty of support, and our fleet of trucks is stocked with frequently used items so they can get right on with the job at hand. We all work together to ensure Lexington residents can count on us for all essential home tasks, including the replacement, installation, and repair of furnaces, plumbing solutions, ductwork, and drain clearing. The teamwork aspect of 128 Plumbing ensures that one employee doesn’t have to shoulder the entire workload on their own.

Explore Our Training in Lexington for Furnace Repair, Replacement, and Installation,

Job candidates in the Lexington area don’t necessarily need to be experienced furnace repair, furnace replacement, or furnace installation technicians. The 128 Plumbing team members in Lexington can participate in on-the-job training to ensure that they become customer satisfaction experts. Each facet of our company has a training program, including our furnace repair division.

As our Lexington team expands, aspiring furnace, plumbing, HVAC, and drain technicians can enjoy a great home in which to start their careers. We want our employees to become repair professionals, so we give them a productive environment with the tools they need to make it happen.

If you don’t feel Lexington furnace repair fieldwork is right for you, we also hire administrative team members to work in the office. These individuals must be self-starters who take pride in keeping customers happy. They are our first point of contact with many Lexington clients, so they must exemplify how 128 Plumbing values each homeowner. It helps to have a working knowledge of HVAC, including furnaces, plumbing systems, and electricity.

Positive Lexington Work Culture for Repair, Installation, and Replacement Technicians

Because our Lexington employees are our most valuable asset, we take the opportunity to show our appreciation with get-togethers. At the start of the year, we discuss previous milestones met, and we talk about our goals for the remainder of the year. We also plan our transition from air conditioning and cooling work to furnace replacement and installation to keep Lexington residents comfortable year-round.

We offer many of our Lexington employees 401(k) retirement plans, sick days, and vacations. We also pay our employees weekly. These tangible benefits increase the positive work environment by retaining the same valuable team.

Contact Our Lexington Office to Find Out About Repair, Replacement, and Installation Career Openings

If you’re ready to start working for a great Lexington company that values their employees as much as they do their customers, contact 128 Plumbing. We are actively recruiting new team members in Lexington for a variety of positions. Furnace repair, installation, and replacement are at the top of the list of jobs we need to fill for the upcoming season.

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