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Drain Clog Prevention and Drain Cleaning Tips for Lynnfield Residents

Drain Clog Prevention and Drain Cleaning Tips for Lynnfield Residents

Clogged drains in Lynnfield are a plumbing emergency that requires immediate action. If the clog is severe enough, you’ll likely have to hire a Lynnfield plumbing company to come out and get the line cleared for you. It seems as though these situations always happen at inconvenient times, such as when you have guests over to your Lynnfield property or in the middle of a hectic week.

Fortunately, many clogged drains can be prevented with proper maintenance of your Lynnfield home’s system, including regular cleanings. There are simple things you can do to help keep everything flowing as it should and to minimize your need to call our 128 Plumbing Lynnfield drain cleaning professionals.

Pay Attention to What Goes Down the Kitchen Drains of Your Lynnfield Home

The kitchen sink gets a lot of use in most Lynnfield homes, but to prevent clogs, you have to make sure nothing is going down the drain besides water and other liquids. Food particles and grease might seem like they slip down without a problem, but they often cause the type of large clogs that require you to call Lynnfield’s 128 Plumbing.

Liquid grease can solidify and coat the inside of the pipes in your Lynnfield home, and as the layers build up, the opening gets smaller. This can lead to sluggish drains and complete clogs. It can also cause smaller items to become lodged in the pipes, which can lead to a backup.

Food particles can also cause blockages in your Lynnfield home’s drains. In some cases, they might become stuck in the layers of grease in a home’s drain lines, narrowing the pipes and preventing liquids from flowing through the system. They can also pile up to create a clog in the Lynnfield sewer lines.

Using a strainer in the kitchen sink of your Lynnfield home can help you prevent food particles and other solid matter from going down the drains. Keep in mind that a strainer won’t stop grease or other such liquids that may revert to solids.

Protect the Drains in Your Lynnfield, Massachusetts, Bathroom

A Lynnfield home’s bathroom drains can also quickly become clogged. Blockages can affect the sink, shower, and toilet drains for different reasons, creating clogged pipes in your Lynnfield home. Make it clear to all members of the household that the only solid matters that go down the toilet are excrement and toilet tissue. Other items shouldn’t be flushed because they can become lodged in the fixture itself, the Lynnfield sewer drains, or septic tanks.

Hair is a big problem in sink and shower drains in Lynnfield. The best way to prevent issues with clogs due to hair is to place filters or pop-up stoppers on these drains. If you don’t have one already installed, inspect the small bars on the inside of the factory drains. Hair can become trapped on these, so you should regularly clean that fixture component in each of the sinks and shower drains in your Lynnfield property to help prevent clogs.

Flush the Drains in Your Lynnfield Home

One of the most effective ways of cleaning the drains in your Lynnfield home is to flush them periodically. You don’t need to use commercially available drain cleaning products. Instead, just run hot water down the pipes to help flush everything through and stop debris from building up. In the kitchen, you should do this whenever you rinse off dishes, especially if there are smaller food particles that might potentially cause a blockage in your drain lines or the Lynnfield sewer system.

Have Your Lynnfield Home’s Exterior Lines Checked

The problems that cause clogged or backed up drains sometimes come from issues in the exterior pipes. Having these lines cleared by a Lynnfield professional drain cleaning company can help prevent clogs outside the home. During the cleaning, 128 Plumbing professionals in Lynnfield can let you know if they have any concerns about damaged pipes and tree roots encroaching on sewage lines.

Addressing potential issues that could lead to clogged drains in your Lynnfield home before they become severe can help keep your pipes flowing properly. Our Lynnfield team members can let you know what options are available to help correct any developing problems they find.

Know When to Call a Lynnfield Drain Cleaning Specialist

Paying close attention to what’s going on in the drain system of your Lynnfield property can help you identify developing problems before they become emergencies. If you notice that the drains seem sluggish, you can schedule a drain cleaning appointment with 128 Plumbing in Lynnfield and have the problem addressed during regular business hours. This prevents you from needing emergency service to solve a complete blockage that occurs at night or on the weekend.

You can also plan to have the drains at your Lynnfield home cleared regularly. This preventative maintenance step helps ensure that your drainpipes are always clear and flowing smoothly. At the same time, you can also have the entire plumbing system inspected to find out if there are any other emerging problems that need to be addressed.

Our staff at 128 Plumbing is ready to help you with all the plumbing needs in your Lynnfield, Massachusetts, home. Give us a call to discuss your problem and to set up a service appointment with one of our Lynnfield professionals.

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