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Furnace Repairs in Winchester: 10 Common Furnace Problems and What to Do About Them

Furnace Repairs in Winchester: 10 Common Furnace Problems and What to Do About Them

Proper heating is essential for staying comfortable during the cold, wet winter weather in Winchester. Yet, many people put off necessary heating repairs, taxing their furnace and increasing the likelihood the system will need replacement sooner rather than later. To help prolong the lifespan of your Winchester heating system, look for these common problems. Call our team at 128 Plumbing for a heating repair visit, if you need help with any of these situations.

1. Thermostat Issues

In some Winchester homes, the thermostat is the culprit when it comes to the heating system’s inadequacies. Your heating system’s thermostat controls when the furnace kicks on and starts to work. If it’s not sensing the temperature in the home correctly, the heating system can’t run efficiently or reliably. Our repair technicians can install a new heating thermostat in your home, including programmable and smart options.

2. Blocked Air Filters in Your Furnace

One of the best ways to maintain an efficient heating system is to prevent unnecessary repairs. When our Winchester team visits many homes, we often discover that a blocked air filter is responsible for the furnace repair call. If you find that your Winchester heating system suddenly quits, it may have shut down due to overheating from airflow restrictions caused by a dirty filter. Cleaning or replacing the filter may be the only step necessary to get the heating system back up and running again.

3. Tripped Circuit Breaker in Winchester Homes

Many Winchester homes have a dedicated circuit breaker that controls the amount of electricity moving to the heating system. Sometimes, a power overload will trip the breaker, causing a loss of power to the heating system. While you may be able to restart the furnace simply by flipping the breaker back on, it’s wise to have knowledgeable repair technicians investigate why this occurred. If the heating system in your Winchester home is pulling too much power, other repairs may be necessary to prevent it from happening again.

4. Ignition Problems in Winchester Heating Systems

If you have an older Winchester home and heating system, ignition issues may be the source of potential problems. While newer furnaces typically have an electronic ignition, older units often have a pilot light that must stay lit to keep the heating system running and heating properly. If this light goes out for any reason, your heating system is going to quit. Our repair technicians can determine the exact problem with the pilot light and make the necessary heating equipment repair to solve it.

5. Worn Out Belts in Winchester Furnace Systems

The heating system in many Winchester homes has a belt in the blower unit that keeps the fan turning to push heated air through the ductwork. If the belt is worn, cracked, or suddenly breaks, you’ll find that heating your home is no longer possible. To get your Winchester furnace heating efficiently again, repairs will likely be needed, including replacing the blower belt.

6. Safety Switch on Heating System Door

The heating systems in some Winchester homes have safety switches located on the furnace door. This panel is designed to prevent unintentional access to the heating system’s burner and blower units. When someone removes the panel to gain access to the heating system, this switch pops out. The heating system won’t start again if the switch isn’t reset when the access panel is put back in place. If you recently had a repair technician work on the heating system and this panel wasn’t shut correctly, your furnace won’t start. One of our experienced Winchester furnace repair technicians can check for and quickly fix this problem.

7. Obstructions Surrounding the Winchester Heating System

If you have a variety of materials located around the heating system, it can prevent air from entering the furnace. Obstructions can happen easily in many older Winchester homes, especially if you use the area surrounding the furnace for storage. It’s best to keep this space of your Winchester home free from excess boxes and bags. While you can solve this problem by clearing the area, it’s better to let our repair team in Winchester take a closer look to ensure the heating system is operating properly.

8. Winchester Heating Flames Are Not Clean

No matter which type of units are used for home heating, even a boiler, it’s important to ensure the burner flames are working properly. One common problem in Winchester heating systems is a dirty burner. This can cause a heating system flame that’s not blue and steady. In this case, the repair will focus on cleaning the heating system’s burners, ensuring the heating system is functioning properly, and limiting dust or debris from coming in contact with your Winchester home’s burner in the future.

9. Winchester Furnaces Need Lubrication for Proper Heating

Sometimes, your heating system components don’t work well as a group, which can make it seem like the system needs repair. This may be caused by a lack of oil on the heating system’s blower unit. Lubricating the furnace can ensure that the heating system stays operating at its best and lets you avoid the need for a costly repair. In addition to preventing an unnecessary repair, simple furnace maintenance, such as lubrication, can help extend the heating system’s lifespan and prevent a premature replacement.

10. The Heating System Constantly Runs

Homeowners in Winchester often may notice their heating system seems to run constantly, and this can be a telltale sign of a needed repair. If this is happening, call us to investigate the source of the problem and determine if a repair or replacement is necessary. Common repair or replacement issues include a dirty blower unit that needs cleaning, or a corroded heat exchanger that may be beyond repair. One easy fix is checking whether your thermostat fan control is set to “on” instead of “auto,” which keeps it running continuously. If it’s set appropriately and your furnace is still always on, it’s best to schedule a visit from a repair technician.

For Repair or Replacement, Call 128 Plumbing

We provide complete heating system repair in Winchester and the surrounding areas. Our team of experts can skillfully repair your furnace or advise you if it’s beyond repair and due for replacement. We also provide regular maintenance services to help prevent heating system problems and the need for frequent repairs. Contact us today at 128 Plumbing to learn more about our heating system services.

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