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Ductless Systems Are Rapidly Gaining Popularity in Andover dash and Here’s Why

Ductless Systems Are Rapidly Gaining Popularity in Andover — and Here's Why

In Andover, Massachusetts, temperatures routinely go above 80 degrees in the summer and fall well below freezing in the winter, making a good central HVAC unit a critical Andover home system. However, many older Andover homes have heating systems that run on oil and radiators, and may not have central air conditioning. When looking at an upgrade to improve indoor comfort, ductless AC is a solid choice for many Andover homeowners.

What is Ductless AC?

A ductless AC is a system that uses small pipes connected between an outdoor condenser and interior wall-mounted units. Each AC unit usually has an individual thermostat and may be used for heat or air conditioning, depending on the style of the unit in your Andover property. If planning to use ductless AC as a heating solution, be sure to discuss the load with a contractor at 128 Plumbing. Not all AC units can handle extreme cold air.

Benefits of a Ductless System

A ductless air conditioning system is a more energy-efficient solution to heating and cooling than many traditional options in Andover. Ductless AC is often less expensive to install and provides improved air quality while also allowing customized control over temperatures in specific areas. In general, ductless air conditioning and heating offer several benefits to homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Cost savings may help you decide to go ductless when it’s time to make changes to your Andover HVAC system. While ductless AC can be more expensive to install than repairing an existing unit, it’s often significantly more energy efficient over the long-term. Some studies show energy cost savings of near 60%, depending on the installation and run activity. Whether installing a mini-split system to replace your central Andover HVAC unit or simply looking for supplemental heating and air cooling in a sunroom or addition, these alternatives to standard air conditioners can offer significant savings on monthly utility bills.

Before deciding on the type of ductless AC installation in Andover, it’s important to discuss your options with a trained technician. Many contractors may be unfamiliar with ductless systems and may not correctly calculate the needed heating and cooling load in Andover homes. 128 Plumbing has extensive experience working with Andover homeowners to find the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution.

Easy and (Relatively) Inexpensive Installation

Ease of installation is a big motivator for some Andover homeowners. Traditional air conditioning units might need large ducts installed throughout the home. Not only do ducts take up a fair amount of space, but they also provide a place to collect dust that’s then spread through the air. Ducts are difficult to clean and can leak conditioned air, driving up usage costs. If you don’t already have ductwork in your Andover house, installation is labor-intense and expensive.

In comparison, a ductless AC is easier to install and often only requires drilling a small hole to the outside in your Andover home. A small hole doesn’t add an easy entry for intruders and helps minimize air loss through the AC system. The interior piping runs through the exterior wall, keeping the intrusion minimal. The installation often doesn’t take long and won’t tie up rooms while technicians build duct enclosures.

Better Air Quality

With a central air system, air conditioning comes from one unit and relies on a single air filter. With a ductless AC, every indoor, wall-mounted unit has its own air filter, dramatically reducing the number of particulates in the air in an Andover home. For those with allergies or in Andover homes with pets, more filters mean cleaner air, making ductless AC a healthier choice. For older individuals or those with a breathing issue, air quality is a major concern. By using one of these AC systems, indoor air quality can be greatly improved.

Total Control Over Temperature

Tired of thermostat wars? One of the greatest benefits of ductless air conditioning is the ability to set specific temperatures in different areas of your Andover home. If you start cooking, you can drop the temperature setting for the kitchen ductless AC unit, or turn down the heat when you head downstairs in the morning. Rooms that can be hard to heat and cool with a traditional system get spot air conditioning and heating with a ductless system, creating comfort zones within your home. Not only does the ability to customize temperatures help create a better indoor environment, but it also helps control heating and air conditioning costs in Andover.

Quiet Running With Ductless Air Conditioning

Traditional air conditioning systems or window units can be very loud and obtrusive in Andover. Even with part of a central system located outside, the noise can have you turning up the TV or moving to another room to hold a conversation. With ductless AC systems, the interior noise level is a lot less. Some units are quieter than a dishwasher or washing machine. When you live in an area where peace and quiet is part of the landscape, like in Andover, you may want an AC that doesn’t drown out the sound of crickets or birdsong.

Traditional HVAC vs. Ductless AC

When an older AC or heating system starts to lose efficiency and generate large repair bills, it might be time to think about a replacement for your Andover home. Traditional units are often less expensive to buy and work with already installed radiators or ductwork. When the only thing that needs replacing is the furnace or HVAC unit, it’s often less expensive to simply upgrade the unit. However, a ductless AC tends to pay for itself over time in lowered usage costs in Andover. If your Andover home doesn’t already have a central AC system, installing ductless air conditioning can be the less expensive option. If you have radiant heat, ductless is a cost-effective way to add air conditioning and comfort to your home.

Durability is another reason to consider a ductless AC. While central systems may last as long as 20 years keeping indoor air at the right temperature, window units tend to need more regular replacement. A ductless AC provides good value, with between 12-15 years of reliable operation in Andover.

Get a Head Start on Your Ductless System

128 Plumbing can help with all of your ductless air conditioning needs. Contact us today to schedule service or get an installation estimate for your Andover property.

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