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Generator Installation in Hamilton: How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generator?

Generator Installation in Hamilton: How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generator?

Whether you live in Hamilton or a nearby community in Eastern Massachusetts, the installation of a generator is a good home investment, one you’ll benefit from for years to come. However, many Hamilton properties are older, and while generators may last 10 to 20 years, new generator installation is something most Hamilton families need to consider when they’ve exhausted repair options. That’s why it’s important to plan and budget for the installation of a replacement generator at least once during the ownership of your Hamilton home.

What Is the Average Cost of Generator Installation in Hamilton?

Various cost factors play a role in the installation of generators that provide the electricity needed to cool, heat, and light your Hamilton home. The average expense of a new stationary generator installation is about $3,700. Larger Hamilton properties may see that cost rise to and beyond $9,500, while very small homes may get away with under $1,000. What goes into these Hamilton generator installation costs, and why do they vary so much?

Whole-Home Generator Installation in Hamilton

Hamilton homes may benefit most from whole-home generators. Because winters in Hamilton are so intense and prolonged, whole-home generators are ideal as they provide a complete backup of electricity should power outages affect your area for days on end. These generators are self-operating, turning on as soon as regular power is interrupted.

The cost of a Hamilton whole-home generator installation is usually more expensive than setting up a portable generator because a stationary generator is built into the electrical system. This installation process is more labor-intensive and requires Hamilton generator installation crews to wire the system into the Hamilton property’s electrical circuits. Because of this more complex installation, the cost of these generators is much higher than the installation of portable generators in Hamilton homes.

How to Choose a Whole-Home Generator?

Two factors are essential when considering installing a generator in Hamilton. The first item to consider is the amount of power you need to pull from the generator into your Hamilton home. To power an entire Hamilton home under 2,500 square feet, you will need an installation of a 20kW generator or larger. This allows you to continue to use electricity comfortably in your Hamilton home. For smaller Hamilton homes under 1,500 square feet that have fewer power requirements, you may be able to get by with an installation of a 7-10kW unit. But you will probably only be able to use electricity for basic needs. At 128 Plumbing, our electricians in Hamilton can help you choose the right-size generator for your home.

The second factor to consider is the type of fuel you need for your generator. Propane or diesel are standard options. You can also hook onto the natural gas line in your area; however, this may cause installation costs to increase.

Again, if you’re unsure which size generator is best for your Hamilton home or what fuel installation options are available in your neighborhood, let our Hamilton generator installation team at 128 Plumbing offer suggestions for you.

Portable Home Generator Installation in Hamilton

A faster and easier solution is the installation of a portable generator for your Hamilton home. Portable units are less expensive in Hamilton, costing on average, between $400 and $2,000 to install. The installation process for these generators requires less work, which reduces the installation costs for most Hamilton property owners.

Generator installation for portable generators into a Hamilton home doesn’t require advanced wiring. This type of installation doesn’t connect to the home’s electrical system. Instead you plug the items you wish to run into the generator itself. Hamilton homeowners find this type of generator installation convenient as a backup for emergencies, such as ice storms and freezing temperature drops in Hamilton. If the power goes out in Hamilton, having this backup generator allows you to run power to various appliances or equipment in your Hamilton home, such as a space heater or sump pump.

Which Is the Best Generator Installation Option for Your Hamilton Home?

The decision of which type of generator to install is often based on the electricity used in your Hamilton home and your budget. At 128 Plumbing, our Hamilton generator electricians can offer advice on which generator is right for your Hamilton property based on the way you plan to use these generators. We provide full generator installation throughout Hamilton for both homeowners and businesses.

Hamilton portable generator installation is best in these situations:

  • You need a generator installation that’s less expensive for your Hamilton home.
  • You need a generator installed for emergencies only in Hamilton.
  • You only plan to use the generator after installation if you’re physically at your Hamilton home (It’s not wise to operate these generators when you’re not at your Hamilton home).

Hamilton whole-home generator installation is best in these situations:

  • You want a generator installed to power your entire Hamilton home.
  • You have emergency medical equipment that needs to be continuously powered in your Hamilton home.
  • You want a reliable generator installed for more routine use in Hamilton.

Still unsure which generators are right for your Hamilton home? Let 128 Plumbing help you when choosing generators for your Hamilton property. We provide full installation of generators throughout Hamilton for most makes and models. Contact your Hamilton contractors today.

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