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Newton, MA has a storied history, as do many Massachusetts towns. Being one of the first areas settled in today’s United States, Massachusetts serves as a birthplace to our country and a great location with strong historical value. Current day Newton resides on the land of the native people, in particular the Massachusetts tribe. Resilient against the invasion of English and European settlers in the 1600’s, the people have a storied history that still lives in the area today.

Today, the place known as Newton goes back to the beginning of the 1600’s for its settlement. By the 1630’s it was known as Cambridge Village and part of the “Newe Towne.” It’s probably easy to see from that naming convention how the current day city got its name. The later independent township became known by names such as Cambridge Village, New Cambridge, Newtown, and New Town. Eventually, in 1874, it was officially named Newton, as we know it today.

Today, Newton is one of the most highly sought after places to live in the entire state, even once ranked within the top 20 places to live in the entire country. With a vibrant city in the current day, and a strong history as one of the early places founded in the entire United States, Newton thrives as a desirable Boston city that attracts people from all over. Currently, the close proximity to the great city of Boston makes Newton a great place to live for young and old alike.

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