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Newton, MA is a city located just a little bit west of downtown Boston. Its close proximity to Boston, among other things, make it a desirable place to live for many. Known as “The Garden City,” Newton is proud to offer almost 20% of the city as open space. This leads to a very pleasant experience outdoors for Newton residents and visitors. In 2018, Newton, MA was actually ranked as the number one place to live in the state and the number 12 spot in the country. From a top-notch public school system, to efficient, easy to access public transport systems that grant quick access to Boston, Newton has a wide variety of desirable qualities when it comes to being a place for people to call home. Newton Public Schools are among the best in the commonwealth, providing a safe, stimulating, and inclusive learning environment for youth. As one of the safest cities in the entire country, Newton is a fantastic place to raise a family. Safety, cleanliness, and beauty are three key characteristics that Newton prides itself upon.

The settlement of Newton goes way back to the beginning of the 1600’s. Having been deemed as part of the “Newe Towne,” this is where today’s city name originates from. As an independent township, Newton became known as many names throughout the years, including: New Cambridge, Cambridge Village, Newton, New Town, and finally Newton. On January 5, 1874, “Newton” became the city’s official name.

Newton, MA is also home to many colleges. Boston College is in Newton, MA, as well as William James College, and University of Massachusetts Amherst Mount Ida campus.

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