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Hvac Melrose

128 Plumbing in Melrose, Massachusetts, provides maintenance and support for air conditioning and heaters in both residential and commercial properties. Here are the questions we recommend asking your HVAC contractor in Melrose, as well as additional things to consider for HVAC commercial technicians.

Questions for Residential HVAC Repair in Melrose

When they need services for HVAC, Melrose residents trust 128 Plumbing. We are well prepared to answer the following questions, but not every HVAC contractor will address them head-on, as we do.

It’s not your responsibility to answer what’s wrong with your malfunctioning HVAC unit, but you can and should find out more about the HVAC technician who’ll work on your unit. Here are seven questions to ask your HVAC service and maintenance company in Melrose.

1. Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Don’t trust your HVAC unit to a company that isn’t insured, licensed, or bonded. It doesn’t matter whether you need a fast inspection or major maintenance, only work with HVAC businesses who trained their technicians and have the experience required by the state licensing board. Make sure they have adequate insurance to protect any HVAC technicians working in your home.

2. Do You Have Experience With My Type of HVAC Unit in Melrose?

Work with a company that has experience dealing with the type and brand of HVAC unit in your Melrose home. Whether your unit is newer or older, not all companies may be familiar with that specific configuration. Dealing with an HVAC company knowledgeable about the particular heating and cooling unit in your home ensures long-lasting results.

3. Do You Have References for HVAC Work?

If you were hiring someone to work for you or rent an apartment that you own, you would ask for references while considering their application. Besides calling the references provided by each HVAC company, check out their website and online reviews at Yelp and other sites.

4. Do You Offer Free HVAC Estimates?

When replacing air conditioning or heating equipment, shop around before choosing an HVAC company. Ask whether each company provides free estimates for HVAC work in Melrose. Keep in mind that the lowest estimate isn’t always the best choice for your business or home. Also, carefully consider what’s included in the estimate and whether a warranty is provided.

5. Do You Subcontract out the Work in Melrose?

Not all Melrose service companies do their own work. They may hire individuals or other companies that are not licensed or bonded. Be sure you understand who will be sent to your home and that they meet the high standards you expect. This is especially true if you have a complex system, with mini-splits or other unique features.

6. What Kind of HVAC Maintenance Contracts Do You Offer?

In order to save money over the long term, it’s useful to get a service contract on your newer or older unit in Melrose. This is often cheaper than paying separately for annual inspections, routine maintenance, and other HVAC services.

7. How Experienced Are Your Technicians?

Everyone has to learn sometime. However, do you really want rookies working on your heating and cooling system in Melrose? The technicians working on your HVAC unit should have a wide range of service skills. Verify this before someone shows up at your door.

A Word About Commercial Melrose HVAC Service

Your commercial system requires an HVAC company that understands the service and maintenance needs of the high-efficiency units in your commercial space. The sizing and scale of business-class heating and cooling systems require technicians with a different skill set than those who maintain home HVAC units in Melrose.

Whether your business has a ductless AC or traditional HVAC unit, 128 Plumbing has experienced technicians who can do the job. We also have technicians that specialize in refrigeration systems, which often require a delicate touch.

The quality of replacement parts and the initial selection of a new commercial HVAC system requires the assistance of an experienced professional. Before hiring a commercial HVAC service provider, ask the questions above and the following questions specific to commercial units.

1. Do You Have an OSHA Certification and Safety Program?

Working on commercial HVAC systems that are often located on the rooftops of buildings requires superior safety skills. With that in mind, choose a company, such as 128 Plumbing, with OSHA-minded safely practices and programs. This is a liability issue for any companies that don’t implement strong safety measures — you don’t want these companies at your Melrose business.

2. Do You Offer an Equipment Survey and Provide a No-Cost Quote?

Many commercial HVAC projects vary in scope. Ask for an equipment survey to help your HVAC service provider give you an accurate estimate for the work that needs to be done. Be sure that the estimate matches the maintenance task and scope of the project.

3. What’s Your Payment Cycle?

Commercial HVAC jobs are typically more expensive than residential HVAC maintenance and repair. Ask whether the company offers 30- or 45-day payment terms. Some companies require an upfront deposit, with the balance due when the work is done.

Trusted, Expert HVAC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair in Melrose

Our 128 Plumbing technicians are trained and experienced in every major HVAC brand. We install, repair, and maintain all types of HVAC units in Melrose. You can also count on us to provide service for your tankless or traditional water heater, ducts, and other heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Contact us today for more information.

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