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Are you thinking of moving to North Andover, MA? You couldn’t have picked a more safe, beautiful area to move to! 128 Plumbing has been servicing North Andover for over 25 years and couldn’t agree more.

Moving can be scary and frightening with the unknowns of the new area. You may be asking questions such as, “What are the people like?” “What is there to do in the area?” Or, most importantly, “Where do I even start looking for a home?”

North Andover has a lot of housing options in gorgeous, friendly neighborhoods. If you are planning a move to North Andover, MA, here is everything you need to know in the near future. 


North Andover has about 30,000 residents now. It is the 63rd largest community in Massachusetts, but it’s a reasonably mid-sized town in reality! The residents of North Andover are some of our most loyal customers to 128 Plumbing.

People who live in North Andover can expect to live a dense suburban life. Its residents bring in a median income of $50,000, with most residents working white-collar jobs. In addition, most people who live in North Andover have a college degree and work in an office or corporate setting. Most residents drive about 30 minutes into the city for work, telecommute, or work close to the area. There are plenty of work opportunities available or near North Andover with an easy driving route into the city. Contact 128 Plumbing to learn about our open positions.

As far as diversity, it’s not an overwhelmingly diverse populated town. Its biggest population demographics in terms of race are White and Asian communities with a few other ancestries mixed in. But, overall, it is a very wealthy, educated place to live. 

Daily Life

People moving to North Andover can expect there to be little to no crime. North Andover is within the 100 safest places to live in the nation, and, statistically speaking, the chances of being a victim to crime in this area is 1 in 146. 

Residents with children have excellent schools to choose from in North Andover’s public school district. There are eight different public schools for your children as well as four private schools. 

When it comes to what residents do when they are not working, the several parks and gardens in the area are great locations to find the locals enjoying some downtime. In addition, parks such as Harold Parker State forest and Den Rock Park offer hiking trails, places to fish, and rock climbing for your enjoyment. The 128 Plumbing employees thoroughly enjoy their calls to North Andover to take in these views.

And, when it’s the right time of the year, Merrimack Valley has gorgeous scenery with changing leaves to enjoy. 


Six neighborhoods make up the town of North Andover:

  • Boxford Station
  • Marble Ridge Station/Stevens Crossing
  • Sutton Mills
  • North Andover Center/Merrimack College
  • Turnpike St/Johnson St
  • Town Center

These neighborhoods are excellent choices to live in for middle-class suburban families, with the North Andover Center/Merrimack College having the lowest average housing price. Homes in this neighborhood averaged just about $300,000, with the rest of the neighborhoods averaging over $400,000.

With friendly, educated people, safe areas, and several attractions, you will love living in North Andover, Massachusetts. If you are having plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues in North Andover, we encourage you to contact 128 Plumbing today.

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