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Residents considering a move to North Andover, MA, should be aware of the town’s many places for exploration. Apart from the restaurants and coffee houses, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the quaint town that holds about 30,000 residents. We are proud that 128 Plumbing has been servicing North Andover for over 25 years.

Not only is the scenery beautiful in North Andover, but there are several historical landmarks, art museums, and outdoor parks and lakes for residents to visit to get a better understanding of where they live. Some points of interest in North Andover are some of our most loyal customers to 128 Plumbing.

Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens

The Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens is a unique place to visit. What used to be a farm is now a tourist attraction for the locals to look at the beautiful gardens and historical houses that belonged to descendants of Thomas Jefferson in the years of 1914-1962.

The house and gardens have several events throughout the year with activities, an art exhibit, a hiking challenge, or 91 acres of land to explore on your own. You could even have a picnic or stroll the gardens as a date-night idea! The site has a lot to offer people who events. 

North Andover Historical Society

If you like history, or want to know more about North Andover, then the North Andover Historical Society is the place to visit. 

This location has several sites jam-packed with the town’s history, like the library and bookstore. In addition, the Johnson Cottage Complex has unique information about New England furniture and decorative arts in its exhibits. There is also the 1825 Hay Scales Exchange building that holds local crafts and stationary. 

Other buildings on the property include the Stevens Center, Parson Barnard House & Barn, 1829 Brick Store, and the 1833 Hay Scales Building. The North Andover Historical Society also has education and enrichment plans for children as well! 

Parks & Lakes

Residents in North Andover who love the outdoors have plenty of parks and lakes to choose from in the area that offers hiking trails, fishing spots, and rock climbing. The 128 Plumbing employees thoroughly enjoy their calls to North Andover to take in these views.

Weir Hill and Lake Cochichewick are lakes in the North Andover area for fishing and boat riding with a few hiking trails. Harold Parker State forest offers fishing, hiking, and camping accommodations for those who love to camp in a tent and has a few ponds and swamps and 35 miles of backwoods trails. 

Den Rock Park is the site that has rock climbing along with nature trails, with Lawrence Heritage State Park having greens and historical landmarks to see in their location. 

Essex Art Center

North Andover is diverse in what it offers. If you love art, then you must visit the Essex Art Center. North Andover is a town in Essex County, so the center holds many creative pieces from their local area. 

Of course, if you love creative places and art museums, the 24 miles drive into the city is only a 30-minute drive. Boston is home to several elaborate fine art museums to see and historical landmarks with gorgeous architecture and trending dining to compliment your day out. 

If you are having plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical issues at a point of interest in North Andover, we encourage you to contact 128 Plumbing today. Contact 128 Plumbing to learn about our open positions.

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