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Residential Heating and Cooling Services Wakefield

If you’re looking for residential heating and cooling services Wakefield, you probably have too many choices. Some of them are likely confusing, too, especially when you think about the amount of money that’s potentially riding on your choice. 

At 128 Plumbing, we can help clarify the decision. What follows is a breakdown of some of the things you should look for when you start your search, and we’ll also make a solid case for why we’re the best possible choice. 

Licensing and Insurance For Heating and Cooling

Start with the basics—the HVAC techs who work on your home heating and cooling system should be licensed. 

That applies whether you’re looking for a one-off fix or searching for a company to use on a steady basis, so make sure you see the actual licenses involved and get a close look at the track record of the company and their techs. 

Don’t forget to check on insurance, too. If the HVAC tech you hire happens to get hurt on the job in your home—in a slip and fall during the winter, for example—you need to know that you won’t get stuck with that person’s medical bills. 

You also need to have it taken care of in a way that doesn’t affect your homeowner’s liability, so ask about what happens when this kind of what-if occurs. 

Experience with HVAC Services

It’s easy to assume that whoever you’re hiring has extensive experience doing every kind of HVAC work, but that’s not always the case. Some companies specialize in replacing HVAC systems, while other smaller ones stick to repairs. Either way, get a full list of what they do. Their website should give you a firm idea of any specialties, whether they pertain to systems or procedures, so make sure what they do matches up with your HVAC needs. 

Home Heating and Cooling Energy Evaluation

If you talk to an HVAC company that wants to come right over and do repairs or a major system replacement, make sure you put the brakes on before the process starts. 

Why? Because reputable companies do a thorough home evaluation before they make any repair or replace decisions, and they also give their customers a full report on what’s involved. 

Consider how we do residential heating and cooling repairs and replacement jobs in Wakefield and the surrounding towns. We usually have a team leader who oversees the job, and that leader often has more than the heads of some small HVAC companies. 

That team leader can spot issues that might surprise you. If you’re having hot or cold spots in your home, for instance, you may have an HVAC system that’s too small for your home. 

You may also need a new system if you’ve built an addition, and we can tell you the most efficient and inexpensive way to heat your new space. 

HVAC Staff Training for Furnaces, Heaters and Air Conditioning

If you’re dealing with a mom-and-pop HVAC outfit, you’re probably going to have to put your trust in a single person. And while that person may have great qualifications, be aware that you’re taking a bit of a gamble the first time around. For larger companies, though, the training gets easier to check. Training for HVAC techs should include working as an assistant, then trade school and finally an apprenticeship. You should find information on all this training laid out on the company’s site, but make sure you ask some specific questions when you finally meet your HVAC tech in person. 

Wakefield References and Referrals

Nearly everyone in the HVAC business has good referrals these days, so you need to be discriminating and take a deeper dive into some of the specifics. Specifically, read the more detailed reviews of some of the jobs. You’ll always have a few people who have an axe to grind after having a bad experience with their HVAC company, but if you find yourself reading multiple accounts of jobs that went sideways in unsavory ways, it may be time to cross that company off your list. 

Also, be sure you check the company’s community bona fides. While it may be old-fashioned to consider the company’s Better Business Bureau rating or an endorsement from the local Chamber of Commerce, these endorsements have meaning, especially in a tight-knit community like Wakefield. 

Rebates, Special Energy Offers and Maintenance Plans

With some HVAC companies, the devil’s in the details—i.e., if there are none, you may be looking at an expensive repair with no way of mitigating the cost. You should also ask about guarantees on the work, and if you don’t get the answers you like,  you should definitely move on and find a different outfit. 

Typically, Massachusetts HVAC companies are tied into state rebate programs like MassSave, and they also offer discounts of their own that are associated with those programs. If a company tries to sweet talk you into an expensive replacement without first doing a repair or offering to get you on a maintenance plan, that may be a sign that you need to switch horses. 

Do Some Networking

Another way to augment the process of checking reviews is to make a few calls to some HVAC companies and do some creative hypotheticals. Tell Company A that you’ve talked to Company B, then add that you’ve gotten a specific price quote a few days ago. The way they react may tell you a lot about both companies.   

You’ll also find out a lot about the local HVAC work community when you do this, but don’t take what anyone tells you at face value. Jot down the things you need to check out to your phone or tablet, then make a follow-up plan. You may find that the best person or company to service your residential heating and cooling services isn’t necessarily your first choice. 

The 128 Plumbing Way

When you choose us for your residential heating and cooling needs, you’re going with the best, so you should call us now

The numbers are (888) 419-4233 or (781) 670-3261. We’ll answer your questions, ask a few basic ones of our own and schedule you for a home evaluation, maintenance, installation, heater services, or heater and air conditioning service, depending on your heating and cooling needs.  

You can also go to 128Plumbing.com and start a live chat, and we have some great professional blogs and articles there to help educate you about how residential heating and cooling service works in Wakefield and beyond.

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