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Should I Get a Mini Split in Newton, MA?

Every homeowner in Newton, MA, has one main goal: to enjoy a comfortable life, with an ideal temperature in every room all year round. To this end, professional HVAC companies are always ready to help residents find the best heating and cooling systems for their homes. One of the increasingly popular HVAC solutions for home use is the mini split. This is a ductless heating and cooling system that uses electricity instead of gas.

It is gaining traction among consumers because it offers more flexibility and control over the temperature in each room in the home. At the same time, mini splits allow people to save on the utility bill by choosing to turn off the ductless heating and cooling equipment in various rooms or over the daytime/ night. Practically, each room has its own heating and cooling system. By comparison, ducted HVAC systems consist of one central unit for the entire home. The vents in each room are all connected to this single unit.

Know Before You Buy: How Mini Split Systems Work

A ductless HVAC system consists of three elements:

  • An outdoor unit
  • An indoor unit
  • A bundle of pipes.

The HVAC contractors will have to make a hole in your wall to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit with a bundle of cables. This may be a problem if you do not own but rent your home. You will have to get the permission of the landlord or property manager before you install mini splits in any room in the building.

The outdoor unit (compressor) sends the refrigerant to the indoor unit creating cool air. However, during the winter, you can use the mini split system to provide heating to your home. This is one of the most important advantages of ductless HVAC systems, they can provide both cooling and heating.

Also, a ductless system does not require connection to the gas line, as it uses electricity. When the installation is completed, you simply plug it into a wall socket. When you leave home for a longer period of time (for vacation), you plug it out and are certain that there will be no accidents in your absence.

Reasons to Choose Mini Splits for Your Home in Newton, MA

Many residences in Newton, MA, now use mini splits instead of ducted central heating. Although there is a significant initial installation cost, because you need one separate system per room, in time, you can save on your utility bill by using smart thermostats and enjoying the high energy efficiency of these modern HVAC home systems. Over time, homeowners who chose mini splits discovered many other benefits that make them happy with their choice.

Some of these are:

Low Maintenance and Service Requirements

Mini split systems do not require a lot of servicing and special maintenance. The most frequent task – taking out the filters and cleaning them – can be easily performed by any person, without special skills.

Thus, you will not have to hire HVAC contractors for bi-annual inspections and maintenance work, as you would do if you had ducted central air conditioning. This means that you are saving money and enjoying a lower total cost of ownership of the HVAC system.

Quiet Operation

Modern mini splits are designed to provide comfort in number of possible ways. Thus, they are not noisy at all. The noise level of the average mini split system for home is 25 dba, similar to a rustle of leaves in fall.

This is certainly an important benefit, especially if you have small children or you are working from home, and you must focus without the distractions of a noisy AC unit.

You Don’t Have to Install Air Conditioning in the Entire Home

When you opt for a ducted system, the HVAC company will route the ductwork through the entire home because it would be very expensive and complicated to expand it at a later date. This means that you pay for a full house installation, although you only wanted to start providing heating and cooling to a few rooms you use most frequently.

If you want complete freedom in this respect, ductless HVAC systems are the right choice for you. You can start with just one unit or two and add more when you manage to save money. In some rooms, you may not want to install air conditioning at all. This leads to significant savings on the utility bill.

Always Hire Professional HVAC Contractors for Mini Split Installation

As we stated above, mini splits are much easier to install than ducted central air conditioning. However, it is not DIY work. You will have to hire a licensed company for this purpose.

These are just a few reasons to hire an experienced HVAC company:

They Will Recommend the Adequate Mini Split Size

Ductless HVAC capacity is calculated in BTU (British thermal units). Each mini split model has a specific capacity – meaning it can reach the set temperature in a room of a specific volume. Without proper sizing, you will not enjoy the energy-saving benefits of the mini split system.

It will be constantly overworked to reach the set temperature because it is undersized. This also means that it will undergo more intense wear and tear, shortening its lifespan.

They Will Identify the Perfect Place to Install the Indoor and Outdoor Units

The ideal installation of a mini split involves as little distance as possible between the indoor and outdoor unit (a short bundle of pipes). However, this is not the only consideration to be made. Other aspects to be taken into account are:

  • Where is the outdoor unit located – on the ground floor (sitting on the ground) or higher up the wall, sitting in a mounted stand?
  • What is the best place for the indoor unit to provide uniform heating and cooling to the entire room?

You may want to install the indoor unit in an unobtrusive place, which does not draw attention. But it may not be the best place from the point of view of efficient operation.

They Will Identify the Possibility of Installing Multi Splits

Multi splits are ductless HVAC systems that consist of one outdoor unit connected to several (maximum 3) indoor units. Depending on the architecture of your home and the position of rooms, the HVAC specialists will recommend this option to help you save installation costs.

They Will Help You Select the Best Smart Thermostat for Your Mini Split System

Smart thermostats can be controlled through a dedicated app on your smartphone, allowing you to turn on and off the AC system or set the ideal temperature in any room in your house without leaving your home office or living room sofa.

A team of experienced HVAC specialists will recommend the best smart thermostat for the mini split system you want to install and teach you how to use it, so you get the most out of your new heating and cooling unit.

We Are Your Trusted HVAC Contractors in Massachusetts

Our company has many years of experience in installing, providing maintenance and repair, and upgrading heating and cooling systems in Newton, MA. Our team of licensed technicians is always ready to prepare a tailored estimate for your needs, taking into account the space to which you want to provide air conditioning and your budget.

Call us if you are ready to make the upgrade to modern mini splits, and we will recommend an energy-efficient model that meets your needs!

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