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When Should I Upgrade My Heating and Air Conditioning in Newton MA?

Heating and air conditioning are essential utilities for homes in Newton, MA. The comfort and wellbeing of your family depend on their proper functioning. As a diligent homeowner, you do your best to keep your home cooling and water heating systems in good condition: you perform preventive maintenance; you repair your units as soon as they show signs of malfunctioning, and you use them with care.

However, even top-performing HVAC systems reach the end of their lifespan. From a certain point onwards, it is not worthwhile investing in repairs and parts for your old plumbing and air conditioning units. You need help from our professional company to upgrade these systems, choosing better performing and more energy-efficient systems.

What Are the Top Benefits of Choosing to Upgrade the HVAC Systems?

Modern heating and air conditioning systems are designed to offer better performance, make the plumbing in your home safer and less prone to leakages, and use less fuel. They also have an extended warranty, both for the product itself and for the installation work, if it is performed by our specialized commercial HVAC services company.

You can set the ideal temperature in each room and the HVAC system and create schedules for turning on and off. This means that you will always have water at the temperature you want for brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or bathing your small children. At the same time, the plumbing will not break down as frequently as you were used to and will require fewer repair and replacement works.

Also, older air conditioner systems contain a refrigerant, R22, which is being phased out because it is dangerous for the environment. Replacing this substance in older HVAC units is very expensive. Once you hire our company to perform an upgrade to a new unit, you will not have to worry about this issue.

Top Signs that Your Air Conditioning and Heating System Needs an Upgrade

In many cases, you will realize that your home needs new HVAC systems because the old ones become too inconvenient, inefficient, and expensive to use. You cannot ignore certain signs that tell you that the old water heating and air cooling unit is reaching the end of its lifespan.

In our experience as providers of professional residential and commercial HVAC installation and service, these are the top signs that you need to replace your water heater and cooling system in Newton, MA, instead of continuing to invest in the repair and maintenance of old ones:

Your Utility Bills Are Going Up

We will start with one of the signs that no homeowner can fail to notice. No matter how judiciously you use your HVAC system, the water, gas, and electricity bills are increasingly expensive. This is owed to two issues. First of all, older home HVAC systems are not designed to be energy efficient. Secondly, as they get older, they become less efficient in operation.

In other words, the water heater and A/C unit have to work overtime to maintain the temperature you set. This issue cannot be fixed by repairing the unit because the cost to replace the critical parts exceeds the remaining lifespan you can get from the unit. Also, you have to add the cost of annual maintenance, and you are reaching unreasonable spending for a fast depreciating item.

You Always Have to Fix a Leaky Duct

You have our HVAC service company in Newton, MA, on speed dial because you always need their help with a leaky duct. Even with ongoing maintenance, ducts reach the end of the lifespan. Replacing all ducts and plumbing means a lot of disturbance for your entire household, as well as a significant investment.

If you are ready to make this step, go one step further: hire our commercial and residential HVAC company for the upgrade and installation of the entire system. In a short time, you will thank yourself: the new unit is quieter, your water and gas bills go down, and you can enjoy complete comfort in your home.

The Heating and A/C Systems Are Noisy

You never have a quiet moment in your home when the heating or A/C units are on. There is always a screeching or gurgling noise along the plumbing pipes. Now and then, you hear a squeal or a grinding noise. These are the noises of an old system approaching the end of life.

All the parts and components in these systems endure wear and tear. They are built to work for around 10-15 years. As they approach the end of their lifespan, they are less reliable, less efficient, and more prone to break down. You may repair or replace them one by one, but from a certain point onwards, it is no longer a cost-effective option.

You Have Dusty, Poor Quality Air in the Home

You notice that the air conditioner is not only expensive to run, but not giving you clean air inside your home. Instead, you notice dust on every surface and an odd, unpleasant smell. You call our HVAC maintenance services company to replace the filters frequently, but the problem persists.

This means that the duct is punctured in one or several places, and you no longer get filtered, clean air inside your home. This can become a real problem because poor air quality can trigger allergies, asthma, and various other respiratory problems.

You Cannot Keep a Constant Temperature All the Time

For specialists in HVAC systems, difficulties in reaching the ideal cooling temperature in a room is a clear sign that the unit is reaching the end of life. The same issue applies to the plumbing system when you cannot get water at a constant temperature when you are taking a bath or a shower. The water heater has also reached the end of its lifespan and needs an upgrade.

Your Repair Cost for the Heating and Air Conditioning System Are Mounting

How much do you spend on repair work for the plumbing and air conditioner systems? Add up the bills for the last year, and you will realize that you could have used that amount as a sizable advance for a brand new HVAC system.

At a certain point, you are not investing in a commodity for your home but flushing your money down leaky ducts. You may think that you are putting off an expensive investment, but you are actually doing yourself a disservice. Instead of calling our commercial and residential HVAC service company for more repair and maintenance work, consider hiring them to help you with the installation of a modern and high-performing air cooling and plumbing upgrade.

You Have High Humidity Levels in Your Home

High humidity is a huge problem. It can encourage the spreading of mold, mildew, and fungi. It can increase asthma attacks in sufferers or even cause you to develop severe allergies.

And its root cause is your old and unreliable water heating and air conditioning systems. Leaking ductwork and plumbing are the actual culprits, but, as explained above, constant repair works mean only prolonging the problem instead of solving it once and for all.

Hire a Professional Commercial Heating and Plumbing Company in Massachusetts

We have extensive experience in the installation, repairs, and maintenance of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems in residential homes. We will evaluate your heating and air conditioner needs and indicate the ideal sizing for your new system.

We will also provide ongoing maintenance for your A/C units and water heater so that you can enjoy them for their maximum lifespan.

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