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Can Every Homeowner in Massachusetts Get Mass Save?

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Hello, Massachusetts homeowners! Have you ever pondered over the possibility of tapping into Mass Save’s array of benefits? You’re in the right place because today, we’re here to clarify who’s eligible for those beneficial Mass Save incentives.

At its core, Mass Save serves as a beacon for homeowners aiming to enhance their home’s energy efficiency without the financial strain. So, the big question is: Can every homeowner in Massachusetts access this opportunity? The straightforward answer is almost, but with a few exceptions. Let’s delve into the details.

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Fact Time:

  • Who’s Invited? If your electric bills come from heavy hitters like National Grid or Eversource, you’re in the clear. Your monthly payments include a small contribution toward the Mass Save program, earmarking you for potential benefits.
  • The Exceptions: Not everyone fits the bill for Mass Save. Those with electric service from a municipal provider may find obstacles. However, if you have a gas line with National Grid, you’re back on track.

Why is this important?

At 128 Plumbing, we’ve spent years mastering the ins and outs of Mass Save, ensuring we can guide you to maximize the program’s benefits effectively. We do more than just repair and installation; we serve as your allies in elevating your home’s energy efficiency and securing those valuable rebates and loans.

While not every Massachusetts homeowner may qualify for Mass Save, many of you do. With pivotal incentives on the line (especially for fossil fuel systems), acting sooner rather than later is wise.

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In this context, being informed is tantamount to saving money. We at 128 Plumbing are ready to illuminate your path, ensuring you capitalize on every saving opportunity available to you. Whether you qualify or are simply exploring your options, reaching out to us is a smart move towards a more energy-efficient and financially savvy home.

Have queries? We’re here with the answers. Partnering with 128 Plumbing means you’re not just receiving a service—you’re gaining an ally in home efficiency. Let’s work together to elevate your home to its highest and most efficient potential!

Is 128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric a Mass Save Partner?

128 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is a listed Heat Pump Installer with the Mass Save program. The company has a dedicated in-house team just for getting customers the Mass Save loan and rebates.

Book below for a free consultation on your heating & A/C and take advantage of the energy-efficiency programs that are out there!

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