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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Winchester Residents

Having a properly running heating and air conditioning unit for your home is a must-have in any Winchester weather condition. Without it, you may be left feeling frigid or uncomfortably hot.

Your HVAC unit holds power in your home for your total comfort. However, suppose issues are going on inside your system. In that case, it can throw off the temperature, which can be unfortunate in particular Winchester weather. However, there are ways you can ensure yourself that your unit is up-to-date on its performance, which we will discuss today.

Here are the best HVAC maintenance tips for Winchester residents for maximum comfort.

The Best HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Home

No one wants to be left feeling uncomfortable in their home. However, if the temperature in your home is not where it needs to be, there may be a problem with your heating and air conditioning unit that needs to be fixed.

To minimize expensive repairs, or having many repairs, here are the best maintenance tips for your system:

  • Have your unit inspected at least once a year
  • Replace air filters every three to six months
  • Clean air ducts and outdoor compressor
  • Watch for odd smells or sounds

Having your system inspected once or twice a year is the best way to keep up the maintenance of your system. Technicians are the best for spotting abnormalities in your unit that can be costly if left untreated or cause your unit not to work properly.

An obvious sign that something is happening with your HVAC is a higher energy bill. Holes or leaks within your system will cause your unit to use more power to warm or cool your house to the temperature your thermostat is set on. So, if you forget to check your systems, look at how expensive your power bill is.

Most of these tips are simple things you can do around your home. However, being proactive and replacing air filters and vacuuming out your ducts can go a long way with the performance of your system. If you notice any odd sounds or musty, mildew smells coming from your HVAC, have a technician come out to take a look.

The outdoor compressor needs to be cleaned at least twice a year to keep the parts in pristine condition. Make sure you turn the power off first before spraying down the compressor with a water hose and apply the coil cleaner. If there are any leaves or twigs from the yard in your compressor, pull those out immediately with some gloves.

Technicians are always a phone call away if cleaning your compressor is intimidating or if you notice something that warrants further inspections.

How to Know When Your System Needs a Repair

There are several signs that your heating and ac system needs repair for maximum efficiency. First, of course, we have already noted that bad smells and sounds warrant a check from a technician, but other abnormalities in the performance of your HVAC include:

  • Consistent cycles (turning on and off more frequently)
  • Humidity or poor airflow
  • No heat or cool air

If the air in your home does not match the thermostat during the year, there is a chance your system needs repair. Also, if you notice humidity, especially in the summer months, then it likely means something is not working correctly within your unit.

HVACs are programmed to automatically adjust your home to feel comfortable compared to the temperatures outside. During cold months, humidity or cold air could be a simple problem like re-calibration or warrant a complete system upgrade.

If you notice that your home is not getting enough heating or air from insufficient airflow, then your unit may have a blockage or worn parts that need to be fixed. Poor air is a common problem that can be fixed by cleaning out your ductwork or replacing a motor that has gone bad. However, if these fixes do not work, then there might be a more severe solution that needs to be discussed.

The best way to know if your system needs a repair is to have a technician take a look at your unit when you begin to notice any abnormalities. For example, it could be that an abnormality is your unit adjusting to new temperatures.

Keeping Up Your Air Conditioning Maintenance

Being proactive and setting reminders to perform certain maintenance in your unit is key for preserving its functions. In addition, certain parts require certain timelines for updates. While it is not usual to be thinking of your heating or ac system’s performance, it needs to become a priority!

The cleaning of your outdoor compressor and indoor parts operates like a dental visit; it should be done once every six months. However, scheduling maintenance by technicians twice a year can better help your system be prepared for upcoming changes in temperatures.

Schedule a maintenance check right before spring hits and once in the fall before winter. After your technician cleans and assesses your system, there are things you can do yourself to ensure the preservation of your system.

Vacuuming out the ducts every few months can keep them clean and prevent blockage of dirty pollutants or damage to your air quality. However, failing the vacuum out pollutants can cause them to seep out of your air filters and into your home, damaging your health. It can also cause a blockage of air, which then causes insufficient airflow.

The inside parts of your system are more manageable than to check than the outside, but that does not mean your outside unit should be looked over. The outdoor compressor has coils that can grow mildew and mold fast along with fungal bacteria since it is working outside. Cleaning the outdoor compressor and can be completed in the following steps:

  1. Turn off the power from the circuit breaker
  2. Spray the outdoor compressor and coils with the garden hose
  3. Spray coil cleaner and let it sit for at least 15 minutes
  4. Clean coil with brush and then spray down cleaner

Your coils should be cleaned at least once a year, if not more if it looks dirty when you observe it. Coils that are left dirty can increase your energy bill by 30%. You can always request your technicians to clean your outdoor compressor during their annual cleaning inspection if you would like a professional to do the job.

When to Tune Your System

To ensure excellent quality in air service before significant temperature changes, it is recommended to get a tune-up of certain HVAC parts.

The main part that needs to be tightened is the electrical connections. It is possible over time that your parts can become lose from consistent use. Without having these parts tuned, your HVAC can not produce sufficient airflow or break down more quickly.

There also needs to be lubrication applied to coils and other parts to help the system run more efficiently and not be affected by the weather. Your technician can perform these tune-ups when they visit for their annual check. Another area they need to assess is your thermostat.

If you have a digital thermostat, the technology needs to be assessed for accurate heating and cooling performance. In addition, the settings need to work properly. Hence, the temperature in your home matches what is displayed on the thermostat screen. Issues with your thermostat’s settings can result in uncomfortable temperatures.

The drain of your HVAC needs to be empty and leveled out, so it does not back up or cause water damage when used during cooling mode. It can also affect the humidity levels in the house and cause an uncomfortable atmosphere if it is neglected in the tune-up check.

There are a lot of considerations for making sure your HVAC is in pristine condition and minimizing problems. Without an inspection and tune-up of parts, you could be left without air or heat in the upcoming season or unexpectedly pay a fortune for a new HVAC replacement.

Work with a Quality HVAC Dealer Today

Knowing when and how to perform maintenance on your HVAC can be confusing, but the experts at 128 Plumbing are here to relieve your stress! We work with each client of ours to properly assess their systems for any maintenance requirements that were looked over.

For an in-depth look at your HVAC system, schedule us for your annual maintenance check for your Winchester residence. Our mission is to provide families with honest information on improving their heating and air conditioning quality.

Please take advantage of our free consultation for savings regarding your unit repairs. Call our office today to get started.

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