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When Should Winchester Residents Get Heating and AC Maintenance?

Having a comfortable house in temperature is vital for anyone’s sanity. With the weather constantly changing, it is crucial to ensure your heating and air units are correctly running.  Winchester, MA, is no stranger to the severity of temperatures. In the blistering winter months, having a heating system to warm the house is essential for total comfort.

If it has been a while since your HVAC unit has undergone maintenance, you may be at risk for specific exposures or having your system breakdown. Proper and consistent maintenance is needed to ensure your unit is running correctly and there are no issues at hand. In this article, we will talk about when Winchester, MA residents get HVAC maintenance and how to note the signs your unit may be reaching the end of its life.

Common Problems With HVAC Units

The most significant common problem homeowners face with HVAC units is the lack of maintenance. Not taking proper care of your heating and air system can cause you to miss easy fixes you can make yourself.

HVAC units are not cheap pieces of equipment. When you purchase a heating and air system, you are investing thousands of dollars in a piece of machinery to take care of the air in your house and your temperature needs.

Failing to clean your HVAC unit regularly correctly can cause some of the equipment to stop working, dust and other particles to backup, or your HVAC system may stop working entirely, which will make your home more visibly dirty. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your parts in check and ensure your heating and air conditioning system has what it needs to keep your house clean and the air safe to breathe.

Another common problem with uncleaned HVAC units is that your energy bill is increasing. When your HVAC has to work harder because it’s not working correctly, your system will use more energy in your home. The key to managing your electric bill each month is to keep things working correctly with your heating and air conditioning unit. Your ductwork may fall victim to leaks, which will also raise your energy bill.

Ducts that leak have to run longer since the heat or ac is escaping through the cracks, and your unit has to match the thermostat. When this happens, your unit will work harder and run longer than it should, using more energy than you will have to pay for.

To avoid these common mistakes, you must frequently inspect your HVAC unit and clean it annually to preserve the system and your energy.

The Connection Between the Air You Breathe and Your HVAC Unit

The efficiency of your heating and air system is hard at work cleaning the air you breathe while it is running. If you start to notice more dust, mildew, or humidity in your house, then it’s time to schedule some maintenance on your system.

The air that you breathe when you are in your home has a direct impact on your health. Naturally, you want to breathe clean air. However, breathing in the mildew, dust, and other particles can cause some damaging health effects for too long.

If it has been a while since your HVAC has had maintenance performed, you may be jeopardizing the air that you breathe. The summer months are notorious for creating poor air quality in your home with the heat and wetness of the rain. If your HVAC unit isn’t performing so well, your home will not ventilate properly.

One area to check and keep clean that is very easy to manage yourself is your air filter. These items on your HVAC system need to be changed every three to six months. A clogged and overused air filter will be completely covered in dust and gunk. The longer you leave these filters untouched, the more pollutants you let float around in your house. You would be surprised at the amount of dander and dust that could be in your home right now from a lack of clean air filters.

To keep the air in your home clean for you and your family’s health, proper maintenance of clean air filters and systems must be performed frequently.

How Forgetting to Clean Your HVAC Could Lead to Dangerous Occurrences (and What They Are)

Apart from causing the air quality in your home to suffer greatly, forgetting to clean your HVAC unit can lead to severe danger, like exposure to carbon monoxide, a deadly invisible gas.

This is the most extreme case, but it is still possible to have a carbon monoxide leak scare if you do not perform proper maintenance on your unit. This issue is caused by your heat system being clogged.

Specific sensors can detect carbon monoxide, but the problem with carbon monoxide is that it is almost an invisible substance. There is no taste, smell, or color to indicate a leak going on with this deadly gas, but if your HVAC vents are clogged, your HVAC will not correctly ventilate.

If you have a heating furnace in your home, they are susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks if their heat exchanger is not working correctly or cleaned out. A heat exchanger in a furnace is used to vent poisonous gasses like carbon monoxide away from the combustion process. Just like any machine, a stove can have cracks or leaks that cause these gasses to slip out, which is why consistent maintenance to check on your system is crucial for your safety.

You do not want to put yourself, your family, or your business in any danger by having this harsh invisible gas slip through the vents. Instead, hire a professional to check your furnace or HVAC unit for any indications you have a leakage that can be fixed immediately before anything happens.

Are You Continuously Paying to Fix Your Current Heating and Cooling System?

If you have to continuously pay a trusted service provider to repair your current HVAC unit, that may be a sign that it is time to install a new one. While simple fixes may seem like the cheaper option instead of buying a new unit, your repairs can add up.

You should also feel safe to have a unit supplying your home that is not continuously breaking down. Leaky ductwork, heat furnaces that fail to start, or constantly dirty materials can all be indications that your system is not working as it used to.

If your system is old, then your parts may experience many issues from their outdated build. In addition, the weather in Winchester can be very extreme, especially during the winter, so your family should have a functioning heating and air conditioning unit you do not have to worry about when the weather gets severe.

Most heat furnaces and ac systems will need a minor repair from time to time, but consistent replacements are not safe or beneficial throughout the year. It can also be a headache to deal with and be extremely inconvenient.

If you have to pay for several repairs consistently, have an HVAC professional observe your system to give any insight on what may be causing your system to break down. Most up-to-date units have updated the technology in their units to minimize the chances of breaking down so easily.

The Cold Weather is Leaving You Without Heat

The best time in Winchester, MA, to schedule maintenance on your heat furnace is right before the winter. With temperatures reaching below 20 degrees and snowstorms being expected, your heat pump needs to be ready.

If you notice that your furnace is not producing heat when you have the thermostat set, then it’s time to get the help of a professional. But before you do that, double-check yourself and make sure your thermostat is set to heat instead of cool. If everything looks right on your thermostat, but there is still no heat, then there may be other issues going on.

What this issue could mean is that you are experiencing an airflow problem within the ductwork. If you have not cleaned out your heat filter lately, then this may be the reason why you’re not feeling any heat. There are too many pollutant and trapped contaminants in the filter that is blocking the heat. A new filter can clear this issue right up. But complicated possibilities such as obstructions or broken pipes, a professional will be best to help.

If you do not notice any obstructions or odd-looking abnormalities, then call a professional as soon as you can to inspect your heat furnace further and fix the issue before the next snowstorm!

When to Get a Furnace Repair

You should get your furnace inspected at least twice a year: once in the fall before winter and once in the spring after the cold months are passed. These check-ups will tell you if your furnace is strong enough to produce heat this cold season without interruptions and if any issues arose during its use.

Heat furnaces can have tell-tale signs during use that indicate something is wrong and needs to be fixed even if you are experiencing heat. After a scheduled maintenance check, if you notice any odd smells or sounds coming from your furnace, have it checked immediately.

Just like HVAC systems, heat furnaces have a life span between 15-25 years. The older it gets, the more it will start. You may experience usual smells when your heat furnace is working that do not warrant any response to get it repaired though it may seem like you should. When you use your furnace after the summer season, you may smell a faint burning smell at first. This is just the dust burning off from sitting for so long, but if you notice a burning smell weeks after the furnace has been in use, have the system inspected.to fail to work like it used to slowly

There is a chance your heat furnace can catch on fire if you are closely watching the effectiveness of your system. Letting the furnace grow old with fewer maintenance checks can have air filters clog, bad wiring, or worn motor bearing that get dried out to develop and cause fires.

To protect your home, it’s best to get your whole furnace repaired if you notice these issues are after 25 years of use.

Preparing For an HVAC Replacement

When it comes time to get an HVAC replacement, there are things you can do to prepare yourself. Replacing your HVAC unit is a big deal, especially if you are getting a brand new one. However, after consulting with a trusted professional crew, there are things you should consider before you pull the trigger and purchase your system.

Financially preparing for a new HVAC is critical. The low average cost of a new HVAC unit is around $4,000, with the highest being around $9,000. Having an emergency savings fun for one of these systems is a great idea to save for even if you aren’t ready yet for a complete replacement on the off chance your unit goes out unexpectedly.

To help yourself with cost, get the prices from at least four different HVAC teams. The teams should inspect your house and current unit to estimate the right size of unit you will need next. The size of your unit is a significant cost factor since the size will be consistent with the supply of heat and air conditioning into your home.

Having a complete unit replacement will have the most expensive. However, if your unit is still in the middle of its life and needs some repairs, this is the option to choose if your team gives you a good report. If replacing the whole unit is the way to go, preparing for the team to deliver and install the system themselves to your home is the next step. Your team will communicate with you what you have to do to prepare your home for the installation process.

Working with the right heating and air conditioning provider

So, how do you find the right HVAC professional? There are a few things you need to consider in finding the right professional for your new unit. The first is to find the most credible source.

Research providers in the Winchester area with a strong background in excellent service and installation. Referrals and testimonials on service provider sites will give you an indication of how well the work is. Since these systems are expensive, choosing a trustworthy team of professionals who exhibit professionalism and honesty is crucial.

Some HVAC teams will have their own brand of units they may try to persuade you to install. Be cautious with this since the units may not be up to par with credible brands. If a provider is very pushy with their unit, it might not be the right provider. A big indication that you are speaking with a trusted provider is if they are insured and licensed.

Next is cost. While it is essential to choose a unit that will last you a long time, set a budget with some flexibility. Some professionals may have specials for new customers or seasonal promotions to take advantage of.

How to Keep Your Heat and AC Unit Safe in Winchester

After your new unit is installed, you can do a few things to ensure the system’s longevity. It is not typical of us to think of our HVAC unit and keeping it clean, so setting reminders every few months in your phone to inspect the outside and inside parts can help.

With the inside, don’t forget to replace filters and inspect the ductwork for any holes or leaks that may have developed. If you start to notice a more dirty or dusty home, it could be a sign that something isn’t right with your unit.

You can keep your outside unit clean by sweeping away any leaves, twigs, or debris from nature that have fallen close to the big compressor. Then, to further clean the outdoor compressor, spray it down with your hose and check the coils.

You will need to turn the thermostat and shut down the air conditioning unit from the service breaker. Next, spray down the outside compressor and then apply the coil cleaner to foam up as you spray it. It is recommended to wait at least 15 minutes before spraying off the cleaner. Cleaning your outdoor compressor is something you should do at least twice a year: once in the spring and once in the summer.

For a deeper clean of your HVAC system, or if you feel intimidated to do it yourself, call your trusted professional.

What to Expect When You Replace Your HVAC System

If your HVAC system has seen better days, it might be time for a complete repair. Installing a new HVAC unit is very beneficial for your home in several ways. For starters, installing an up-to-date system means you are locked in for at least two decades worth of high-quality heating and air conditioning work in your home.

Modern HVAC units are constantly being made with improvements to their technology to ensure homeowners optimize their efforts to cool your home and save you money. When you are shopping for a new system, look closely at the SEER ratings. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient your unit will be, saving you money in the long run.

The professionals you hire to install your new system will visit your home and do all the work for you. As they are installing the outside and inside the unit, they will be sure to protect your home’s belongings with mats or drop cloths and check your home thoroughly for any issues that could damage your new system.

The overall installation process can take up to five days to complete. It all depends on variables that can make the process longer at your home, like the size of your unit and the type of installation process.

Once your new unit is installed, the crew will typically revisit your home a few weeks later to ensure that everything is running correctly from the first installation. After that, the only time your team will come back is to perform their annual maintenance or during the year if you notice anything unusual with your heating and air conditioning system.

Work with the Air Conditioning and Plumbing Pros in Winchester!

If you need a maintenance check completed on your heating and air conditioning system or heating furnace, call 128 Plumbing, the best home services provider in Winchester, MA. We make sure every family of ours is taken care of and has a safe, efficient HVAC unit in their home. Are you need a completely new unit? We’ve got you covered there too.

We thoroughly assess your installed unit for any damages that need to be repaired to ensure that your system runs appropriately to keep you at total comfort every day.

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