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Ideas for Installing Motion Sensor Lights and How They Work

Ideas for Installing Motion Sensor Lights and How They Work

Lighting with motion sensors is a practical addition to a Massachusetts home’s security system and quite easy to install. When the light turns on, it alerts you to the presence of a person or animal within the range of the lighting. This type of motion sensor lighting also provides better visibility when you come home after dark. And, whether you’re carrying packages or your children, the lights come on hands-free, so you don’t need to put anything down to flip a light switch.

How Motion Sensing Lights Work

Motion detector lighting has a constant power source when you install it with wires, but the lights don’t stay on all the time. After install, the integrated sensor detects movement and engages the light. This is useful to install as an economical feature because, even though the power source is connected all the time, the power use is only triggered when the unit you install detects movement and the light turns on, so the energy you pay for isn’t wasted.

Types of Motion Sensors Used in Lights

There are different types of motion sensors to install, and your professional installer from 128 Plumbing is a great source of information regarding the type of lighting and motion sensor that’s best to install for your home. Motion sensors may detect movement in the area based on temperature changes, sounds, or both temperature and sound using:

  • Infrared technology
  • Microwaves
  • Sound waves

Types of Power Sources Used for Motion Lighting

In addition to utilizing different types of motion sensors, the motion lighting units you may choose to install are also made to work with different types of power sources, including solar, battery, and electric. While electric-powered lighting is often ideal for installing in spots near your home, there may be times when you may prefer to install solar-powered or battery-powered motion lighting. These types may be ideal for installing in a dark outdoor area of your yard or garden, away from the house.

9 Practical Reasons to Install Motion Sensing Lights

When you install motion lights, the places you choose to install them have a bearing on their effectiveness as a home security measure. Think about places you need to install more lighting for security or convenience. There are also a number of details to consider before you install the motion sensor lights, including proximity to a switch, the need for new wires when installing a switch, and which places need extra light the most.

1. When There’s No Convenient Light Switch

Motion lighting is especially useful to install in areas where there’s no light switch nearby. Rather than fumbling for a switch and then running to the door or window, if you hear something outdoors or a knock on the door, you may choose to install motion sensor lighting that is triggered by movement. That way, all you have to do is look outdoors to see who or what activated the motion sensor on the light.

2. When You Need Light in the Garage

Motion sensor lighting is useful to install in areas like the garage because the motion sensor picks up your movement and turns the light on for you. That way, if your hands are full of groceries or car keys, you’re able to move around in a well-lit garage without adding an extra step to turn on the lights.

3. To Illuminate Steps

Installing motion lights so steps are illuminated makes it easier to see where you’re stepping. This is handy if your laundry area is in the basement or upstairs, and you carry large items upstairs or downstairs frequently. When you install motion sensor lighting, you can focus on the task of climbing or descending the staircase without spending time thinking about the lighting.

4. To Facilitate Bathroom Visits

The bathroom may not be the first place that comes to mind when you want to install motion lighting. However, consider the simplicity of walking into the bathroom when you’re sleepy and not having to deal with the light switch or a dimmer switch. Installing motion lights in the bathroom also relieves you of the need to turn off the lights when you leave the room, which may be useful when you’re sleepy during a night-time restroom visit.

6. Add an Extra Light on the Porch

Even if you already have a switch-based light on the porch, installing motion lighting is a way to increase the security you enjoy. When a motion light you install turns on, an intruder may not initially know if the light was activated by a person inside the house or by a motion sensor. So, the light turning on may inspire an intruder to leave while also alerting you to the movement on your porch.

7. Brighten Dark Areas Around the Exterior of Your Home

Think like an intruder when looking for places to install motion lighting around your home. Walk outside after dark and look for potential points of entry on your home that are poorly lit and need a motion sensor install. For example, if your patio door or windows are in an extremely dark area, you may want to install a motion light. Those are the spots where you may want to install motion lighting because it helps increase the safety you enjoy.

8. Added Safety When Walking Indoors

Installing motion lighting in rooms you frequently enter while carrying things may be helpful to homeowners. Areas like the laundry room or pantry are ideal spots for mounting a light that’s triggered by a motion detector. Children’s play areas and pet kennels are also areas where a motion sensor light install is useful because it adds better visibility to the foot traffic areas where toys may accumulate, or pets may be sleeping.

9. Security When Parking or Walking Outdoors

When you install motion lights that light up your sidewalks and parking area, it increases your safety when entering your home at night. The extra lights you install also make it easier to see if someone is near your car at night.

10. Illuminate Your Yard or Garden

You may want to install a motion light to enhance the landscaping around your Massachusetts home. The lights you install let you see dark areas that are out, away from your home when anything moves. Be sure to have the motion sensor lights installed away from bushes and tree branches, so the motion lights don’t turn the light on every time the wind blows.

Enhance Your Home With Motion Sensor Lights

There are a variety of reasons to install motion sensor lights around your home, including:

  • Installing motion sensor lights for extra security
  • Installing lights with motion sensors to enhance the landscaping around your home
  • Installing motion sensor lights to brighten dark areas inside and around your home for extra convenience

Have motion sensing lights installed in key areas around the perimeter of your Massachusetts home by calling 128 Plumbing today to schedule an appointment. Our pros will help you identify the places where you need extra light the most and will install light fixtures that add curb appeal to your home.

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